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Somerset is a wonderfully creative and inspiring place to live; wherever I look I see exciting subjects to paint and draw. As well as landscapes I enjoy trying to capture the essence of the human form and also the contrasts and moods of interior scenes and still lives. The effects of colour and light are what energise me most. 

I want to make art that makes a connection - it could be a colour juxtaposition, or the subject matter, or the feelings it arouses.

Although I haven't had any formal art training I've always felt a very strong need to do it. Alongside a busy professional and family life, art often took a backseat for me, but this has changed more recently. 

I am mostly using acrylics at the moment, I've quickly come to love their versatility and vibrancy. They’re forgiving too, by layering transparent or opaque colours I can build up effects and keep re-working until I am happy. And I like their practicality – if it starts to rain (which it often does in the West Country) when I'm painting outside I can pack up quickly without getting paint everywhere.


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